55518 Pavlova Grenadiers

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In the Witchlands the forces of the Undead are composed of decomposing multitudes of Zombies and other foul creations. While most of these Zombies are re-animated enemy Elves or Dwarves or other races there are some that were once allies and are now much more 'dependable' and among the finest of these are the once Bog Orcs of the Expeditionary force sent to aid the Dark Czar by Albion. The Moskova Grenadiers and other regiments make use of these reanimated giants but the finest of them are sent to the infamous Pavlova Grenadiers where they are drilled remorselessly to produce animated dead troops that are actually quite good in battle. The Pavlova are part of the Star Wraith Aleksander's Imperial Guard divisions and are used where the fighting is hardest. Commanded by the once mortal Lord Byrorc, now a Vampyre noble, formally a gentleorc of the Londinium scene who makes sure his troops perform well by using the services of the K.G.B's malevolent Count Pavlova. The Count is truly ancient and is now little more than dry bones held together by spite and a powdered wig. Lord Byrorc is also fond of experimentation and has been reading the works of the famous Orc novelist Mury Shrilley, as a result his regimental standard bearer is a Zombie of Byrorc's own making; Young Frankski. This former Orc sergeant is driven by a new force known as 'electrical impulse' delivered to the iron bolts driven through his neck. Currently in pursuit of the retreating Ferach Armee's scattered battalions the Pavlova are more than capable of dealing with all but the largest of the Hunvarian Ogre soldiers in battle. Indeed often the heavy tread and then the mere sight of Count Pavlova is enough to make Elves flee in terror. They are armed with Muskets and classed as Undead Infantry. 

Here are your choices for Flintloque (Skirmish) and Slaughterloo (Unit) players from this 28mm metal miniatures code:

55518 Six Miniatures - Skirmish Pack

(Count Byrorc (officer), Count Pavlova (Liche), Young Frankski (standard bearer), Undead Orc (drummer) and two Undead Bog Orc Troopers in two poses).

This is a big set, a big unit.  The Bog Orc Troopers are approx 37mm tall each.

55518-U Twenty Miniatures - Unit Pack

(as 55518 with added mixed Troopers).

55518-T One Miniature - Trooper Booster

(one random trooper pose from 55518).

These miniatures are supplied without bases and are supplied unpainted.  You have the option of purchasing a skirmish pack as outlined or a unit pack as outlined or a single trooper booster for sampling or extending your existing forces. If you purchase multiple single random troopers we will supply as many different poses of trooper as the code contains before we repeat a pose in your order. All these miniatures are from this code and only the number supplied varies by choice. Select your option on this page. Assembly is required with most miniatures.