56112 Freudrich Von der Dekem

Alternative Armies

SKU: 56112

This pack contains one metal 28mm scale miniature. A character Ogre officer who stands approx 40mm tall and is wearing the uniform of a senior Ferach Empire officer. A free Uniformation article too on our free downloads page in Stack Five.

Freudrich comes from Furtfrank and fulfils a variety of specialised missions for the Army of Armorica most of which involve the capture of important enemies and extracting information from them by a combination of mind games and the use of his very large fists. This has taken him into the Witchlands as well as Catalucia where he pursued the retreating forces of Surjon Moore towards Kooruna.

Miniature supplied with base and supplied unpainted. Below is a scale shot showing Freudrich Von der Dekem next to Promo2009 Elf which is 28mm tall.