56140 Fartinelli Operato Supremo (Big Todoroni Singer)

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“Let's go from da Earthe to the mountainatop! Withouta walking! We can see Armorica, Nepolise and Catalucia...and I canna see a you! Pull by da rope, no soonist said than a done, We'll go uppa ta heaven... It goes like da wind suddenly, Upa, upa, upa! Let us a go up to da top, lets a go, Farticular up, Farticular down!”- Fartinelli Operato Supremo

This code contains resin miniature. A Big Todoroni celebrity opera singer. 28mm scale with a total height of 45mm to the top of his styled quiffed wig.  A real character dressed in stylish frock coat and breeches.

Sculpted by Mark Ricketts. 

This miniature is supplied unpainted.