56593 Montagna Bucati Light Infantry

Alternative Armies

SKU: 56593u

Excellent quality mountain trained light infantry who have a real problem with bravado and wine meaning they like wine then they get going on the bravado. Typically found in Catalucia and in Nepolise they have managed to avoid the Witchlands thus far. 


Here are your choices for Flintloque (Skirmish) and Slaughterloo (Unit) players from this 28mm metal miniatures code: 

56593-U Twelves Miniatures - Unit Pack

(Officer, Musician, Sergeant, Trooper 1, Trooper 2, Trooper 3 with six added mixed Troopers).

56593-T One Miniature - Trooper Booster

(one random trooper pose from 56593).

Get a free insert for use in Flintloque and Slaughterloo for these miniatures by CLICKING HERE and downloading it.  Enjoy!

These miniatures are supplied with bases and are supplied unpainted.