57801U Visthowla Legion (Slaughterloo Unit)

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Often the mere mention of the name of the Visthowla Legion makes enemies flee from battle, these are the crack Infantry of the Werewolves. Visthowla towering over their comrades armed with the best weapons and led by the best Officers. There are several legions each serving where most needed, some with the Grande Armee du Norde with almost all of their original numbers still intact.

Here are your choices for Slaughterloo (Mass Battle) players from this 28mm metal partially modular and posable miniatures code:

57801U Sixteen Miniatures - Unit Box

(16 Big Werewolves including an Officer, Standard Bearer, Musician, Sergeant and twelve mixed of two poses of Trooper with Coltz Musket. Supplied with random heads and bodies from three heads and two bodies equally) Miniatures are taken from code 57801.  Save off single and skirmish pack.

NOTE:  The first image shows the unit of Werewolves with a mounted Dogman Officer for scale only; this Dogman is not supplied with this unit. These miniatures are supplied with 30mm bases and are supplied unpainted.