57811 Ferach Werewolf Artillery Crew

Alternative Armies

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Werewolves cannot be near Horses and so the Diberian Werewolves use their own giant kin to act as limber beasts.  That being said these are good quality gunners.  These Werewolves are classed as Gun Crew.

Here are your choices for Flintloque (Skirmish) and Slaughterloo (Unit) players from this 28mm metal miniatures code:

57811 Eight Miniatures - Unit Pack

6 Werewolf Artillery Crew for the Ferach Allied Armee. Includes Officer, Rammer, Sponger, Fyre Giver, Ball and Powder horn. Also included are two Large Werewolves (approx 40mm tall, two pieces, require assembly) in artillerie limber dress.

These miniatures are supplied without bases and are supplied unpainted.