58020 Jigoku the Giant Oni (A huge monster 100mm tall)

Alternative Armies

SKU: 58020

Jigoku is a legend.  A terrible and feared legend among the Kitoka for though almost all Oni are larger than they are Jigoka is the largest of all.  The ground shakes as this giant monster walks and it swings its Kanabo leveling bridges and buildings with ease.  Only the greatest Samurai will face the lord of destruction!

This code contains one very large and highly detailed resin kit model. When assembled this Giant Oni stands about 100mm tall and as a small degree of pose choice as well. It carries a Kanabo Spiked Club (90mm long from end to end).

Ideal for any 28mm scale game system and with our Kitton miniatures. Composed of six pieces this model is easy to put together and is durable as it is meant for tabletop use.

Shown for scale with 58009B Ronin for scale only and not supplied. Shown on a 50mm square base which is not included. Supplied unassembled and unpainted.

Assembly is required. Other miniatures shown for scale only and not supplied.