DRG5 Ki-Shu Oriental Dragon

Alternative Armies

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Creatures of guardianship and friendship as much as destruction the oriental dragon is a potent symbol and a great model to use in your games. This monster comes in three parts (body, left arm and right arm) made of metal and is easy to assemble. It stands 55mm tall. 

Suitable for use in 15mm and 28mm scale and it is supplied unpainted and unassembled without a base (shown on a 50mm square base). Sculpted by Steve Trickett in the early 1990's and now re-mastered. 

You can put this dragon in to any game system of your choice. Here is a photo (third place on the page) of Ki-Shu next to a 15mm scale Sengoku miniature and a 28mm scale Kitton miniature both in the style of Japanese fantasy.  Not supplied; shown for scale only.

Dragons in Monster Hunter

A one page free article which fits into Sengoku Monster Hunter and Rampage.  CLICK HERE to download.  Dragons have a mist cloud and sometimes have gems in their hides as well as a deadly breath attack.  The article has an encounter token to cut out for your pile and a stats line for play.