58511 Karrot Kart Set

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As the battle roars and the volley’s wing across the field, the scorched and bloodied Burrovians are always happy to see the arrival of the Karrot Kart in their midst. The cart, pulled by a single donkey is piled with carrots and accompanied by a couple of Burrovians to throw out these gifts. Providing food and bright orange beverages and pats on the back they raise morale no end during combat.

Here are your choices for Flintloque (Skirmish) and Slaughterloo (Unit) players from this 28mm metal and resin miniatures code:

58511 Karrot Kart Set

This special set contains Two Burrovians ( Female Camp Follower and male Sutler) along with a two wheeled cart kit, two ponies and a heap of carrots.  You can also purchase the two civilians in this set alone for your collection.

These miniatures are supplied without bases and are supplied unpainted.  You have the option of purchasing a skirmish pack or a single trooper booster for sampling or extending your existing forces. If you purchase multiple single random troopers we will supply as many different poses of trooper as the code contains before we repeat a pose in your order. All these miniatures are from this code and only the number supplied varies by choice. Select your option on this page. Assembly is required with most miniatures.