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Released in 2008 and out of print since 2011 the game book for Frontear the Skirmish.  Offered at 20% off print price!


Contents of the Frontear Book (110 Pages)

The New Worlde - 66 Pages of Background Material covering events from the Discovery of the Amerka to the Wylde West; including the Amerkan Rebellion and the Civile Warre. The background is divided into the 4th and 5th Age of Valon for east reference.

The Rules of Frontear - 16 Pages of a full rules system covering all aspects of Frontear. Turn Sequence and Turn Phases.

The Weapons of Frontear - 6 Pages giving the core weapons that are used in Amerka in the 4th Age of Valon & the 5th Age of Valon. 

Section Design &Master Tables - 7 pages of Tables giving statistics for all
the races, character types, weapons, mounts and more for Frontear. Also details on creating your characters.

The Starter Scenarios - 3 Scenarios ‘Wylde Bill Hickorc’s Regreet’s’, three
starter games using the miniatures in 7001 and 7002.

Roster Sheets and Appendix - Section Roster Sheet, Counters, Skills and Experience & Magicke (Optional Rules), all in an easy to copy format and a two page Example of play.


Frontear is a Skirmish Game set in the fantasy World of Valon before, during and after the Mordredian Wars. Located in the New Worlde of Amerka it means adventure on a whole new continent never seen before. Take command of a chosen few characters, be they Uropean Settler races (such as Elves and Orcs) or take the part of Amekan races such as Injians or Gruff and many other strange creatures. Create your characters using the Frontear rulebook and
bring them through a number of scenarios with only their wits, skills and their weapons to keep them alive.

In Frontear you can choose to play your games in the 4th Age of Valon (the time of Flintloque) and use Black Powder weapons; or you can choose to game in the 5th Age of the Valon. This is the Perkussion Age, the time of the Civile Warre and the Wylde West. Choose your period! You might choose to create a section of Orcish Colonial Militia to fight for Washertunne and against Kyng Gorge. Or Some Light Cavalry armed with swords who must enforce Great Britorcish aims in the War of Eighteen Bells. Perhaps you would prefer to create a section of Souffern Elf Troopers to fight in the Civile Warre or grab revolvers and set up a posse of Dog, Goblin and others as Cowboys. Then again you could choose to create an artillery crew, some Injian Braves or the Undead. The choices are huge!

Amerka is a massive and varied place and with two Ages of Valon to choose from ideas are easy to come by.

Frontear is a fast-play skirmish wargame. Skirmish wargaming is very different from the usual style of wargame. Instead of representing hordes of nameless cannon fodder, each miniature on the game table represents one character, each with unique skills. Skirmish wargaming isn't about controlling an army of faceless soldiers; it's about individuals battling for fame, glory and their lives. In the game of Frontear you are the lord and master of a small band of characters who live in this world of Amerkan Fantasy. Who these characters are is entirely up to you and discovering your characters, creating them, developing their skills and recording their experiences is one of the most fun aspects of playing Frontear. Use the optional advanced skills and magicke talent rules to add even more variety. Frontear uses a compact rules system (developed from Flintloque Reloaded) for its skirmishes which utilises percentile dice (two ten sided dice) with each action needing the character to pass a certain percentage of difficulty to succeed. Along with a combat engine which uses counters on table and is very flexible you will find Frontear fun and rewarding to play. With a full System for Section creation, you will be playing in no time. Keep the rule book at hand in your first few games and from then all you will need is a reference sheet for the
easy read tables in the game.

A game of Frontear can be played with as few as one player (in a specially made solo scenario) through to two players all the way up to truly wild games with eight to ten Sections competing for the same objectives.  A game of Frontear can easily be played to completion in one hour making it a great game for an afternoon or evening.

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