7104 Frontears Orcs II

Alternative Armies

SKU: 7104

This code contains two 28mm scale metal characters.  Frontear Orcs dressed in furs with rifled muskers.

Tarrunt the Frontears Orc
Traveling the wide open places and forests, Tarrunt and those like him trap animals
and hunt Injians for a living. Tarrunt is well known to Young Zeke and Dorfy
Gayle and often aids them in return for payment in kind. Special Rule: ‘There’s a smell of silver in it’. If Tarrunt is within line of sight of any noble or officer (anyone who has a bit of money or valuable possessions) he never takes his eye off them. As a result the enemy character in question becomes uncomfortable for the Turn and suffers a -1 to Morale, -1 to Melee and one negative column shift for firing. One character only per Turn. Orc / Veteran / Scout. Armed with a Kentucket Rifled Musket and a knife. (7103) Points Cost (with all equipment and any special rules etc): 48

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