7115 Logann Leaders

Alternative Armies

SKU: 7115

This code contains three different 28mm scale metal miniatures.  A Logann Shaman with Medical Shield in hand (1), a sitting Logann leader with Spear (2) and a running Logan leader with Pistol and Hatchet (3).

The Logann are natives of Amerka and fight alongside and against the Uropean settlers and their wars from the time of Mordred to the Amerkan Civile Warre. 

The rules for the Logann are in the 7000 Frontear book which you can get as a digital download.

Please note that these miniatures are supplied unpainted and with our resin cartouche bases. Some assembly is required. You can purchase a pack or select a single miniature using the options on the screen.  Check out a scale shot of 28mm Elf and Goblin with Logann other miniatures not supplied.