ALT006 Alternia of The Ion Age

Alternative Armies

SKU: alt006

“Prydia is aflame and none among us can stop it...”

Alternia is Alternative Armies mascot and this is her seventh incarnation.  

Our mascot here is inspired by the mighty Ion Age 28mm range and setting. In the armour of a female Retained Knight she fits right in with the hundreds of other Ion Age miniatures suitable for any game system including MOTH and Firefight 2.0. In two pieces (separate back jet pack) she is armed with an Angis Rifle and a powered halberd. Her helm sits at her feet and her hair flows over her shoulders. Her pauldron is emblasoned with the AA arrowhead too. Use her in the Prydian Army or in the service of the Marcher Barons and Condot Mercenaries. She is painted up here as a Condot Mercenary. 

This miniature was given away in every shipped order in June 2022 across the world.  During that month all you needed to do was order and she was included free.

This miniature is not supplied with a base (shown on a 30mm round base) and is supplied unpainted.  Other miniatures shown for scale only and not supplied.