ALT012 Alternia Gift Giver

Alternative Armies

SKU: alt012

“Jingle the bells!”

Alternia is Alternative Armies mascot and this is her thirteenth incarnation. 

This time our lady of Alternative Armies was inspired by the most joyous season of the year and time to give gifts and spend time with friends and loved ones. A female take on the great giver of presents which is supplied in one piece metal.

Dressed in armour with her long hair put under a sock hat she has an arrow headed spear with a sprig of mistletoe upon it and an open sack showing wrapped presents. A great miniature for collecting and painting.

This miniature was given away in every shipped order in December 2022 across the world.  During that month all you needed to do was order and she was included free.

This miniature is not supplied with a base (shown on a 30mm round base) and is supplied unpainted.  Other miniatures shown for scale only and not supplied.