AS016 War Bot with Energy Beamer (40mm tall)

Alternative Armies

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SKU: as016

“Welcome to the front line soldier. Welcome to hell or at least its front lawn. Meet your protector. Big Mean Green...he will be by your side out there. I would stay behind his metal back if I were you!”

The War Bot is armed with an energy beamer on one arm and a manipulator hand or fist on the other. The model is made of high quality resin and comes in three pieces (the arms are separate and can be posed on their ball type sockets). Easy to assemble it stands 40mm tall to top of the model.

Use this miniature in any game system of your choosing.

This miniature is not supplied with bases and is supplied unpainted.  Assembly is required with miniature. Painted images shown on a 30mm round base (code 59525).  Shown with an Alternate Stars 28mm miniature, a HOF 15mm SFA Miniature and a 6mm Bradley Miniatures stand of infantry.