BS29 Campaigning Back Packs

Alternative Armies

SKU: bs029

Six Different 28mm Campaigning Back Packs for adding to Miniatures

In the era of Horse and Musket a soldier had to carry many things into battle.  These packs will fit onto the back of most miniatures and can be used as base scenics or part of dioramas too. Use these for variety in your games.  Great for any 28mm scale game system or setting.

Purchase a set of six or get your choice of a single piece in any quantity.  Click on the button you wish:  1. Pack with tied sack.  2. Pack with Bottle and Bag.  3. Pack with food bundle.  4. Pack with Rope.  5.Thinner Pack with Hatchet.  6.  Pack with short Axe.

Supplied unpainted and the second image shows them upon the backs of our 28mm Tuscani Elves from code 51535.