CM11 Milesian Chariot

Alternative Armies

SKU: cm11

28mm Scale

Impress the foe in battle and run them to ground.  The rumble of wheels and the screams of death!

This pack contains all the pieces needed to assemble one 28mm scale Milesian Chariot with driver and two warriors and two horses.  A very impressive model. It is shown here assembled and painted by our studio; mounted on a 100mm by 50mm base (not supplied but gives you the size of the chariot).

You may choose from the complete pack or parts from the pack using the menu on this page.  Parts are:  The Driver, the Rider (atop the spar of the chariot), the chariot itself (body, spar and wheels) or a pair of horses.  All these parts are shown in the images.

The Milesians are a numerous people with many kingdoms, they fight for territory or for revenge but often their Heroes will undertake a Legend of the sublime kind an 'Eric' or near impossible task.  Latecomers to the land of Erin they take their place among the races of conquest.