D0 Dragon Lizard Set (D1 to D7) with Saving

Alternative Armies

£49.25 £54.75

Any Scale

The complete set of metal miniatures (D1 to D7 plus D8 Rider) that make up the Dragon Lizards with a small saving off single prices. Creatures for your collection which work in any scale from 6mm to 15mm to 28mm.

Use this in any game system of your choosing.

D1 Lesser Dragon Lizard 
D2 Dragon Lizard with Lance
D3 Dragon Lizard with Sword and Mace
D4 Dragon Lizard with Axe and Mace
D5 Spike Tailed Dragon Lizard
D6 Dragon Lizard Juggernaut (110mm long huge miniature)
D7 Dragon Lizard Mount (comes with D8 Human Rider)

Sculpted by Nick Bibby. Professional Painted Examples shown painted by Studio Maxi.

Miniatures not supplied with bases and supplied unpainted. Painted images shown on a 25mm square bases (code 59021) and 40mm square bases (HOTT 2nd ed base size D). Shown with other miniatures for scale purposes only.