D6 Dragon Lizard Juggernaut (Huge Metal Model 110mm total length)

Alternative Armies


One of the most awesome miniatures of the 1980's is restored.  Originally released in 1982 the Dragon Lizard Juggernaut is among the biggest models Asgard ever produced.  Highly detailed it is a fine monster for your table.

Juggernaut supplied in metal in two pieces (body and tail) standing 50mm tall and 110mm total length.  Also supplied a third piece a Great Sword which can be left off or put in the open hand. Great for any scale.  Sculpted by Nick Bibby.

This miniature not supplied with base and is supplied unpainted and unassembled.  Shown with other miniatures (Jez Goodwin Barbarian BP1 Sternbow and Tabletop Games 15mm Fantasy MDA38) for scale only and not supplied.

Stone Cold Lead Figure Painting did an amazing version of this model.