DarkeStorme Fantasy Skirmish - Wargame Rules

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Skirmish Level High Fantasy Wargames Rules

DarkeStorme is a high fantasy character driven skirmish game written by Gavin Syme (GBS) creator of Erin 2nd edition, Typhon and Flintloque 3rd edition along with many other wargame rule systems and fiction.

A5 Publication, 60 Pages, Colour Covers, ISBN and Barcode

These rules can be used with our High Fantasy miniature range or any other suitable range of miniatures. Read an independent review of these rules HERE.

Free Resources for DarkeStorme

We have a whole load of free material for our game systems which can be seen on our FREE DOWNLOADS page and this includes Darkestorme.  There is a folder of blank rosters and sheets and beginners scenarios.  There is also a free mini-arc campaign called 'Murder at Illstadde' to download as well.  To make this easier for you here are the links direct to our website storage to download the free DarkeStorme files.  Click HERE for the folder and HERE for the mini-arc campaign.  Enjoy!


Easy to learn D6 engine.

Full rules for character combat.

Full Magic System with ten levels of spells.

Monster Handling system with 'Amok' rules.

Creature generation formula and many Mortal and Undead races.

Expansion rules for Cavalry, Artillery and Chariots.

A Full Points System.

Terrain and Weather generation and special terrain generator.

Create Characters from nothing and lead them through linked adventures and progression.

Units of roughly ten to twenty characters in games lasting twenty minutes to over an hour in length.

A game system suitable for younger gamers, those with less time or starting out or those looking for an easy play wargame with a traditional high fantasy feel from the era of the 1980's and 1990's.

Here is a full listing of book contents by page:

Title Page 1
Table of Contents 2
Map of Valon in the Darke Age 3

The History of Valon in the Darke Age
The Fall into Darkness 4
The Star Creatures 5
The March of the Dead 7
Dragons return to Valon 8
The Darke Age of Valon 10
The War in Alevia 12

DarkeStorme the Rules of Warfayre
Game outline 15
Setting up for a Skirmish 15
Terrain Generation and Placement Tables 16
Optional Weather for the game 17
Optional Special Terrain for the game 17
The Turn Structure and Activation 18
Combat in Play 19
Armour and Shields 21
Morale and Death 21
The Undead in Play 22
Monsters and Huge Foes in DarkeStorme 23
Handlers and ‘Amok’! 24
Wylde Magicke and Spells 25

Other Thyngs in Warfayre
Cavalry in Play 27
War Chariots in Play 28
Artillery in Play 29

Wylde Magicke - Mages and Spell Lists
The Use of Magicke in Play 30
Spell List Level 1 31
Spell List Level 2 31-32
Spell List Level 3 32-33
Spell List Level 4 33-34
Spell List Level 5 34
Spell List Level 6 34-35
Spell List Level 7 35
Spell List Level 8 35-36
Spell List Level 9 36
Spell List Level 10 37
Magicke Armour and Weapons 37

Creating Characters and Units
How to create a Leader, Warrior and more 40
Special Skills and Points Costs 41
The Cost of Weapons and Armour 42
Wylde Magicke and Talent 43

Scenario and Campaign
Characters, Scenario Creation, Points and Coin 44

The Races and Bestiary
The racial tables and generating any creature 46
Undead and Necromancer table 48
Generating Monsters 49
Monsters and their Unique rules 51-55

Free Support for DarkeStorme the Skirmish 56