DH8 Dwarf Shield Wall (Pack or Single Miniature)

Alternative Armies

SKU: dh8_pack

"We are strongest at our core and that core is the shield wall. Shoulder to shoulder and shields facing the enemy the shield wall is the centre of any Dwarf army. Standing like rocks in the howling wind of battle, the shield wall takes the charge of wolf riders, the arrows of archers and the flung spears of Orcs all in its stride. With shafts brushed from their shields the line moves forward and then grounds itself once more to endure another assault. We are strongest at our core, in our heart, the shield wall. Watch the sun cross the sky and watch the shield wall go ever forward. As the sun goes down the field belongs to us. Our hearts beat in rhythm with the impact of sword and club upon our wooden rampart. We are the core; the Shield Wall."

This code contains five different 28mm metal miniatures.  Poses (average height 24mm) in this code are as follows:

DH8-01: Dwarf with Shield and Axe.
DH8-02: Bareheaded Dwarf with Sword and Shield.
DH8-03: Dwarf in mail with Axe and Shield.
DH8-04: Dwarf with Club and Shield.
DH8-05: Dwarf with runic Hammer and Shield.

These miniatures are not supplied with bases and are supplied unpainted. Choose from a pack and single miniatures.  Total choice!  Assembly is required with some miniatures.