FL3 Berserkers

Alternative Armies

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"Fierce north men who fear not the wastes and the things that advance out of the snows. Courageous to the point of insanity and often taking on odds far in excess of any chance of victory the Berserkers are well deserved of their reputation. Often they beat their shields to build the spirit and then cut themselves along their arms to raise the blood lust high. Their brutal code makes them first into the din and last to shy at the spear point."

This code contains five different 25mm white metal miniatures approx 25mm average height. Poses in this code are as follows:

FL3-01: Human with Twin Swords.
FL3-02: Human with Shield and Sword raised.
FL3-03: Running Human swinging Axe.
FL3-04: Human in horned Helm with Shield and Axe.
FL3-05: Human with Shield and Mace.

These miniatures are not supplied with bases and are supplied unpainted. Choose from a pack and single miniatures.