FL7 Knights of Dresda

Alternative Armies

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"A jewel among the squalid towns of the Men of the west is the city of Dresda. Its high walls and its mighty towers showing the world the pride of Men against the hordes of the Orcs and other creatures. From its gates come the knights and other richly armoured and mounted cavalry who form up into tight ranks to make the charge that will break the foe and send them tumbling. At their fore is the King. King Otto known as the 'Winter King' or to some 'Mad Otto' due to his often demented wars against the plains Orcs and the Trolls of the hills. Regardless, the Knights are the hammer upon which fearful Men call."

This code contains two different 28mm metal miniatures composed of a rider and a horse. We supply a random heavy horse of those shown with each rider unless you contact us and request a certain mount. We supply a sprue of lances in the pack. Poses in this code are as follows:

FL7-01: Knight in full plate and plume helm (supplied with separate lance) on Horse.
FL7-02: Knight in demi plate and helm (supplied with separate lance) on Horse.

These miniatures are not supplied with bases and are supplied unpainted. Choose from a pack and single miniatures. Assembly is required with some miniatures.