FM74v2 Water Elemental (45mm to top of head) (for use in any scale)

Alternative Armies

SKU: FM74v2

"The undines are troublesome things from the smallest who froth the ale in your tankard to the greatest which can overturn a hundred oar galley with ease. Mages claim control of them but I am not so sure. Things so strange to us of flesh and bone; who knows how their briny minds work. As it is many of my men have salt worked into their armour from encounters. Water Elementals...drown them all!" 

This is a single piece remastered metal miniature which is 45mm to top of head.  The Water Elemental is a fine foe.  Works in any scale of wargaming as large in 28mm, huge in 15mm and titanic in 6mm.  Scales excellently.
We are not certain but we think V1 was scupted by Nick Bibby and this V2 was adapted by Steve Tricket.

This miniature is not supplied with base and is supplied unpainted.   Painted by Studio Maxi Costales with a unique ocean sculpted base (40mm square)