HOF111 Scrofa Wheeled AFV

Alternative Armies

SKU: hof111

15mm Scale Miniatures

This pack contains the resin parts to assemble one 15mm scale six wheeled Scrofa vehicle kit as a top hatch carrier or turreted variant with hatch open or closed. The Scrofa is the smaller brother of the Charger and is a common military transporter of the Human Colonies and Security Force Alpha. It is at home in any near future or such 15mm scale game system.

Parts are: Scrofa Hull (with integrated equipment rolls), Six Wheel Unit, Options Sprue (Hatch Top, Turret Top, Hatch SFA Crewman, Closed Crew Hatch). Approx 60mm long, 35mm wide and 20mm tall when assembled. Very easy to assemble and great value; part of Security Force Alpha (SFA) in the HOF Range. From battles to peace keeping or law enforcement roles it suits them all.

Supplied unpainted and unassembled. Mono image shows parts. Images with other codes are for scale only and not supplied.