HOF145 SFA SAW Teams

Alternative Armies

SKU: hof145

15mm Scale 

This pack contains ten 15mm scale metal miniatures taken as a mix of six different poses with at least one of each and random of the rest in the pack. Security Force Alpha (SFA) Troopers; gunners and loaders with Squad Automatic Weapons (SAW).  These are heavily muscled men ideal for customising with tattoos or other body art while wielding support weapons.

You can choose a pack or single poses using the options on the web page in any quantity you wish. They are from left to right: SFA Trooper bare headed muscled with ammo case and SMG (A), SFA Trooper muscled, walking with SAW braced (B), SFA Trooper bare headed muscled, kneeling with ammo case and SMG (C), SFA Trooper muscled, kneeling SAW raised and braced (D), SFA Trooper laying prone with heavy shotgun a loader or spotter (E) and SFA Trooper muscled laying prone with SAW firing (F).

This code is supplied unpainted and without bases (shown on 20mm round bases). These miniatures go excellently with all other SFA Infantry codes such as HOF112 and HOF113. 

All across the Human Colonies and on Terra itself there is a need for security after, during and even before the high rollers and expensive kit arrives in the battle zone. Security Force Alpha is just that force filling in as police, paramilitaries, mercenaries and planetary militias too. They are the faceless grunts that do the thankless jobs needed by all those who govern, control or enforce. Use them as you will from the near to the far future!

The SFA range contains a huge variety of poses of 15mm miniatures and vehicles allowing a wargamer to assemble a cohesive force for their campaigns. A whole integrated range within HOF which contains mecha, battlesuits, vehicles, tower, infantry, command, scouts, elites, female and many more!