HOT100 Ghoul Dragon

Alternative Armies

SKU: hot100

15mm Scale Miniatures

"Between the realms of life and of death there are places in which the carrion lords of the damned reside. Of these Attor the Ghoul Dragon is most deadly...."

Our one hundredth code in the HOT Range of 15mm scale Fantasy Miniatures we present The Ghoul Dragon. This gaunt and fearsome creature is made of metal and supplied unpainted and unassembled in three pieces.

Perfect for use in any generic or specific fantasy setting as an Undead monster or a vicious foe as part of an army aligned to evil. But of course with a different paint scheme it could also be a Dark Elvish creature or anything else you choose.

Assembled Height (sole of foot to top of wings) 65mm
Assembled Width (wing tip to wing tip) 22mm
Assembled Depth (tip of beak to wing tips) 95mm

Images on this page show this miniature from the side, rear and front. The last two pictures are scenic shots showing the Ghoul Dragon terrorising a small settlement composed of Fantasy Miniatures and the HOB01 Hovels. These are not supplied with this code.