HOT111 Dem Bones 15mm Fantasy Scenics (Save 20% on the Pack)

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15mm Scale

The Bones of the Dead. This pack contains an even mix of ten 15mm scale metal pieces taken from five different scenic miniatures (the sprue of 6 Skulls counts as one piece).

From left to right two different skeletons, a sprue of six Human skills, a heap of skulls (10mm across) and a 20mm square carpet of skulls all of which are ideal for use as dungeon quests, dioramas, base or element decoration and for scattering on your wargames table or tiles. All are single piece castings and can be applied in many different ways.

You can purchase a pack or from the menu on the page a choice of pieces taken from the pack if you wish only for certain types of items from the pack in multiples. These run from left to right in the main image for your choices. Suitable for any 15mm system for fantasy and even historical in many cases too.

In our photos you can see from top left onwards:  FMS02 Torn Modern Tents, HOB1B Large Hovel, IAF164E Green Control Adder Tankette and IAF004 Dead Retained Knight, HOT40 as well as HOT41 and HOT99 skeleton archers spears and guard.  Lastly HOF30 Automaton Infantry on an element base.  Search by code to find these on the website.