HUC10 Hussite War Wagon Kit

Alternative Armies

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SKU: HUC10set

15mm Scale

One Metal Kit from the Medus range.

Hussite War Wagon. This pack contains all of the parts required to assemble one entire War Wagon. Including two horses to pull the wagon. Please note construction of this model is quite complex and the kit contains many parts.

Some parts are not used if the model is to be in a static setting but all versions static and mobile are possible with the parts supplied. 

Suitable for use with DBA or DBM or any other 15mm scale Medieval wargame rule system. Please note this is for the Wagon Kit and Horses only there are no cavalry or infantry in this set and it is supplied unpainted and unassembled.

Here are some images from the collection of wargamer Emmanuel Roy who has a number of HU10 Hussite War Wagons and has kindly sent us images of them to use here. These images include many miniatures from ourselves and other makers.  Please note we are unable to comment on other makers products only our own.