IA241 Perimeter Borg (Single or Value Pack of Four)

Alternative Armies

SKU: ia241

Khanate Cybernetic Terminal Thrall Unit

A multiple part resin and metal 28mm scale miniature.  Composed of four pieces (body, two tracks, head) easy to assemble.  Choose from a single model or four with a saving.

Perimeter Borgs come in many forms and are used to secure the foothold of Khanate invaders to new territories.  Made quickly from abducted Humans they last mere weeks but this is usually enough to allow the arrival of Maligs and Legionaries to replace them.  A fate worse than death for the poor souls captured in secret and taken.

IA241 Perimeter Borg tracked cyber thrall with human head and Janus Blast Gun.

Supplied Unpainted and Unassembled and Without Base. Other codes shown for scale only and not included.  Dimensions assembled are 27mm tall, 25mm wide and 25mm deep.