IAC03 Khanate Conversion Pack

Alternative Armies

SKU: iac03_pack

This code contains eighteen metal parts suitable for science fiction conversions and scratch building.  Shia Khan Legion featured equipment and weapons. Great for personalising your forces and for making terrain markers or other scratch building projects.  Offered in a random mix or three packs and save 10% or themed mixes as outlined below.

Here is a list of the options for this code:

Pack One - A random mix of all Khanate parts.  18 pieces.

Pack Two - Khanate Helmets and Cupid Pistol Packs (left column).  18 pieces.

Pack Three - Maia, Juno, Hydra, Flora, Plutus (centre column).  18 pieces.

Pack Four - Jupiter, Janus, Apollo and Packs (legion, nox) (right column).  18 pieces.

This code comprises eighteen different parts of 28mm scale white metal miniatures for conversions.  You have the option of purchasing a pack or three packs with a saving.  You can also purchase themed selections in packs.  Firstly helmets and pistol, secondly mixed random infanrry weapons and thirdly a mix of heavy weapons and packs.  Great Flexibilty.  The image shows the full pack with helmets and pistol on the left, infantry weapons in the centre, heavy weapons and pack on the right.

Supplied Unpainted