IAF039 Khanate Warlords

Alternative Armies

SKU: iaf039

Hulking brutes that carry weapons capable of destroying battlesuits and vehicles Warlords are giant Humanoid aliens that give most Khanate formations the back up needed against the Retained Knights of Prydia. This set contains the following metal modular pieces in 15mm scale.

Five different Warlord bodies in five poses, five random Warlord heads taken from three different designs and five different weapons. The weapons are(from left to right in the mono image) a Jupiter 46mm Plasma Treble Rifle, the Mars 20mm Chain Cannon, the Maia 12.7mm Scatter Cannon, the Helios 80kw Atomic Destabliser and the Juno 18kw Laser Cannon. These pieces allow seventy five different combinations of assembly for everything from Warlord veterans to legion, pioneer roles and bare headed .

An assembled Warlord stands about 30mm tall on average. Warlords wear dense unpowered armour called Lorican shell that has an ablative layer and a Chameleon Circuit like those used by the Retained.

The Legions of the Shia Khan Empire are the main fighting force of the Empire. Biggest of the regular troops of the Legion are the Warlords.  Great for skirmishing and then combining with other Khanate codes for larger formations and battles.

You can also purchase one random pose of Warlord which will selected from a random body, weapon and head (though if you take more than one we will make sure they are different and if you want a certain combination tell us with your order number).  The mono image shows the parts supplied (though there are five heads in total) in the set.  Lastly the scenic shots are for scaling and for fun and please note that none of the other Ion Age codes shown are supplied with your Warlords.

Supplied Unpainted and without Bases.