IAF042A Mullo AFV Wheeled with three turret load outs

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SKU: iaf042a

Mullo AFV Wheeled

The Mullo is the medium size of vehicle in our range in 15mm scale which is ideal for Retained Knights, Muster and Planetary Militia. Bigger than the Adder series of Combat Cars and smaller than the Taranis Main Battle Tank this is the wheeled AFV variant of the model.

A Mullo is an Armoured Fighting Vehicle meaning that it fills a variety of roles from gunnery support to troop transport and strong point defence; tasks it is well suited to. Once assembled the Mullo AFV wheeled measures some 80mm in length with a width of 60mm and a height to top of turret of 30mm. It is easy to assemble with a one piece hull and pre-set bracketing points for the six wheels to be mounted. The Angis 12.5mm AP weapon on ball mount can be attached to the front of the hull or left off if chosen.  The pintle mounted Angis 22mm AP Rifle is metal and can be left off or put on. The main turret is one piece with two mounting points for a pair of support grade weapons.  Supplied with three choices for the turret: Twin Valerin 15Mw Laser Cannons, Twin Angis 25mm AP Cannons and Twin Fretan Rail Guns.  

The Mullo is a 15mm scale vehicle in high grade grey tone resin and metal. 

Supplied Unpainted and without Bases.  Please note that the pictures showing items other Ion Age items, these other items are not supplied and are for pleasure and scale purposes only (16mm tall).