IAF046 Infernus Tank - Malig Ball Tank

Alternative Armies

SKU: iaf046

There are many vehicles in the typical Shia Khan Legion but few are as terrifying and unpredictable as the Malig operated Infenus Tank or Assault Roller known as the 'ball tank'.  Crudely built but capable of taking quite a beating the tank crushes and barrels its way around a battlefield.  Its two hull halves spinning while the centre remains stationary.  A metal ball armed with twin heavy Charon Fire Projectors and two anti-personnel Maia Mpi's it is a death dealing sphere gouting flame and bullets.  Often deployed in support of Malig Tesserans and whole Malig Ordos it is a good foe for Prydian light vehicles and Battlesuits such as the Adder and the Havelock.  That is of course assuming it does not roll over and crush its own troops!  Infernus are allocated singly or in Tesserans of three vehicles.  Maligs are loathed by Humans but the Infernus shows they either have a sense of humour of they are actual rather mad!

This pack contains the following parts which can be seen in the mono image on the page:  A left hull, a right hull, a centre hull, a unique base with imprint to hold the vehicle (50mm wide), a left Charon weapon, a right Charon weapon, two Maia Mpi plug in weapons, a hatch and the upper body of a Malig driver with viewer (allowing the choice of closed hull or driver emerged builds). The Malig from IAF047 is shown for scale and is not included in the pack.

Supplied Unpainted, Unassembled and with Unique Base.