IAF073 PM Amber Portable Weapon (with tow bar) - 6 Variants

Alternative Armies

SKU: iaf073_a

The Amber is a portable weapon platform on two wheels which acts as support for infantry. 

The core pieces are the two wheeled stand, the housing block and the gun shield as well as a tow bar piece to attach to any Ion Age vehicle. These are the same in all variants and onto this is mounted one weapon. The options are Moth 88 twin long barrelled cannon (A), Moth 88 rotary cannon (B), Angis AP Cannon (C), Bodkin Howizter (D), Valerin Laser Cannon (E) and the Fretan Rail Gun (F). Weapons mount one of two ways with the gun shield fitted over them or around them.

Here is an image of variant A assembled and painted up in Planetary Militia colours. You can get an idea of the size of the finished portable weapon by noting that each of them will fit upon a 30mm round base (their basing size for Patrol Angis) and again they are labelled with the letter corresponding to their variant weapon.  All options are on the drop down menu.

Each pack contains ONE kit.  The images here show firstly all the variants by letter which corresponds to the drop down menu of variants.  The second image shows an assembled and painted Moth 88 Long Barrel with PM Gun Crew as does the third image.  The forth image shows the intended use of the supplied tow hook.  Please note that only the portable weapon is supplied and no other vehicle or miniatures.

Supplied Unpainted and without Bases.