IAF077 Troop Element Bases (8 Sizes) (For Patrol Angis)

Alternative Armies

SKU: iaf077a

Eight different choices of Troop Element Bases.  For use in any 15mm system and miniatures including Patrol Angis.


These bases are made of resin and are 3mm thick each with a different number and size of circular recesses on their ground textured upper surfaces. Each recess is made to fit either a 20mm round base or a 30mm round base.  These are durable and rugged which makes them ideal for your troops to be mounted into on their own bases.  We offer the Troop Element Bases in different sizes which are listed here by sub-code, number of recesses with sizing and number per pack.

Click the drop down menu and select your chosen size from the list:

IAF077A TE Bases (2 Slot 20mm) (4 per pack) 
IAF077B TE Bases (3 Slot 20mm) (4 per pack) 
IAF077C TE Bases (4 Slot 20mm) (4 per pack)
IAF077D TE Bases (5 Slot 20mm) (4 per pack)
IAF077E TE Bases (8 Slot 20mm) (2 per pack) 
IAF077F TE Bases (10 Slot 20mm) (2 per pack)

IAF077G Portable Weapon (1 Slot 30mm, 2 Slots 20mm) (4 per pack) 

IAF077H Battlesuits and Bikes (3 Slot 30mm) (4 per pack)

Images (after the first composite image and second image showing game use) show IAF77 Troop Element Bases in order of the list above from Two Slot to Battlesuits and Bike.  Then example load outs of the bases for use in Patrol Angis.

If you are looking for suitable miniature bases to use then search for these codes on our website: IAF078 20mm Round Bases and IAF079 30mm Round Bases.  The Ion Age miniatures shown in the images are not supplied and are there to show scaling and use only.