IAF102F Taranis Lifter MBT Laser Turret

Alternative Armies

SKU: iaf102f

This pack contains one super heavy vehicle kit.

This is a hover Taranis main battle tank with a powerful laser turret. It is composed of resin pieces which are the upper hull, the hover skirt unit, laser cannon turret. It is easy to assemble and is designed to be used for wargaming and thus it is durable. Assembled this vehicle is about 90mm long and 55mm wide making it a super heavy main battle tank in any 15mm scale force.

Taranis Tanks often use Drones for added protection:  See IAF081 for these.

Supplied Unpainted and unassembled.  These later photos are for comparison only and these other items are not supplied and are for scale purposes only. For more information refer to The Ion Age Blog.