IAF116 Xin Trade Fleet Command

Alternative Armies

SKU: iaf116

The Sanbao or Trade Fleet Soldiers of the Xin Hegemony operate in Platoons (20), Squads (10) and Fire-Teams (4-5) as well as other formations depending on their mission. This code is great for skirmish level games or combining with other codes for bigger formations and battles.

This pack contains five different 15mm scale metal miniatures. Your command and specialist infantry for the Sanbao or Trade Fleet soldiers wearing Kuijia powered armour. Junior officer with powered polearm and wrist mounted Gonglu SMG, banner bearer with banner and blaster rifle, more senior officer bare headed with powered sword, comms specialist with comms suite and medic with bioscanner, eye piece and medical gear. This pack fits in exactly with IAF113,IAF114,IAF115 and is part of IAFP06. This pack can be purchased or single poses from the pack. Sanbao are excellent for use in The Ion Age or any other science fiction setting using future Chinese space opera soldiers.

Here is a list of the poses in this code:

Pose One - Sanbao junior officer with powered polearm and SMG Blaster.

Pose Two - Sanbao Banner Bearer.

Pose Three - Sanbao senior officer with energy Sword.

Pose Four - Sanbao comms specialist.

Pose Five - Sanbao medic.

See image for numbered poses.

Supplied Unpainted and without Bases.