IAF118 Jade Ape Battlesuit

Alternative Armies

SKU: iaf118

The Sanbao or Trade Fleet Soldiers of the Xin Hegemony operate Battlesuits in fire-teams of three or singly.

This pack contains one multiple part 15mm white metal and resin battlesuit miniature. The Guaiwu II or 'Jade Ape' has twin duties of battle and cargo handling with massive upper body strength. It has a shoulder mounted three barrelled heavy Gonglu support blaster. A big brother for your Sanbao trade fleet soldiers.

The miniature is supplied in four pieces and is easy to assemble. The arms may be mounted in varied poses, low, medium or high. Assembled the miniature is 35mm tall to top of body.

Excellent for use in The Ion Age or any other science fiction setting using future Chinese space opera.  The last image shows the free unique officer from the IAFP06 Platoon pack, it is not supplied but is there to show scale.

Supplied Unpainted and without Bases.