IAF128 Afara Strider Mecha - Three Different Variants

Alternative Armies

SKU: iaf128a

The Afara is a light mecha made of resin and supplied in kit form. These kits are easy to assemble from eight or nine pieces with a high degree of posing due to the sockets into which feet, legs and arms fit.

Once assembled the Afara stands approx 55mm in height or about three times our typical human sized miniature. There are three variants under the code IAF128 each with its own battlefield role from troop support to anti-armour and close combat.

Here is the information on each:

IAF128A Afara Strider 26WA One resin 15mm mecha kit for an Afara Strider armed with a Valerin 15Mw Laser Cannon arm and Anda 60mm Missile shoulder pod.

IAF128B Afara Strider 26WB One resin 15mm mecha kit for an Afara Strider equipped for close combat with an Octa Sword, separate Shield and Anda 60mm Missile shoulder pod.

IAF128C Afara Strider 26WC One resin 15mm mecha kit for an Afara Strider armed with a Bodkin Howitzer arm and Hermit 50mm Grenade Launcher shoulder pod.

Make your selection from the drop down menu on this page variant A, B or C (or one of all three with saving) matching up to the first image on this page. 

Kits Supplied Unpainted and Unassembled.  Please note the images on this page show firstly the three variants then a parts diagram, then front and back views of each variant on its own followed by a mono scale image showing built size next to a 15mm scale Retained Knight (16mm tall).  Lastly a scale shot line up showing the Afara third in a line of a Retained Knight, Duxis Battlesuit and lastly a Hab Dome from our range.  These other items are not supplied.  Mecha shown on 40mm Round Bases.  Final images are scenic shots showing an Afara in the colours of the Quarrel Company and then a Prydian advance with Duxis Battlesuit and Retained Knights.