IAF136 Manus APC

Alternative Armies

SKU: iaf136

While it is predicted that in the wider Shia Khan Empire beyond the Matter Gateway there exists some truly gigantic vehicles and exotic materials of war; luckily for the Precinct little of this can pass through to Camarthen Prime.  The primary armoured vehicle of the Camarthen system in service of the Legions is the modular Pugnus, Manus and Canno wheeled hull which is adapted to different uses.  Adapted for use as a personnel carrier the Manus variant can take two entire Tesserans of Legionaries to where they wish to go and support them while there. Carrying them within its central wheels in stabilised comfort. 

The Manus is about 50mm tall and 65mm wide when it is assembled.

This pack contains the following 15mm scale resin and metal parts which can be seen in the mono image on the page: A centre hull, a right hull, a left hull, two large wheels, two side Wheels, a 'rear end' personnel carrier assembly of four pieces and two Twin Juno Laser Weapon mounts. This kit is easy to assemble.  Images show the kit from all angles plus the pieces of it and scale shots with a 15mm tall Legionary (IAF006). These other codes are not included.

Supplied Unpainted and Unassembled.