IAF154 Milum Assault Orb

Alternative Armies

SKU: iaf154

The Orbs are the primary light attack vehicle for the Khanate Legions and is used in great numbers on campaign. Two twin mounted Maia 9.6mm Mpi's gives the Milum a close range punch which sees it support Pioneers and Maligs in built up areas and Pugnus light tanks on open ground.

This pack contains one 15mm scale small resin and metal vehicle. Made up of three parts and easy to assemble the Orb is 30mm tall when put together.

Images show the Orb from all angles plus a scale image showing it next to other 15mm Ion Age codes: Legionary (16mm), Canthus Monocycle (20mm), Steornede Battlesuit (30mm), Adder Comms Lifter and a Pugnus Light Tank. These are not supplied.

Supplied Unpainted and without Base (shown on a 30mm round base).