IAFMB02 Magog Builder Workshop - Assemble your own Mecha

Alternative Armies

SKU: iafmb02_a

If you would like to choose the parts of your own Magog War Mecha then this is the place for you. For the same price as a standard kit you can choose your parts built around the weapon load out. 

Firstly choose one of three Weapon Load Outs (which is arms and upper torso), then add your choice of three different leg poses, then add one of three different heads.  You are free of course to purchase only bits of a Magog if you wish but if you select Weapon Load out plus Legs plus Head you will have a complete kit.


A - Arcus Load Out (Arms and Body) (Missiles)

B - Blaes Load Out (Arms and Body) (Laser)

C - Lann Load Out (Arms and Body) (Gun and Sword)

D - Standing Legs

E - Walking Legs

F - Advancing Legs

G - Armet Head

H - Mortal Head

I - Bascinet Head

When assembled this model stands about 80mm tall. Supplied unpainted and unassembled without a base (shown on our IAF167 75mm round base). You can purchase one kit or three kits saving more on screen.