IAFP01 Malig Ordos (Platoon Pack) - Includes free extra unique miniature!

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SKU: iafp01

A Full Ordos (Platoon) of miniatures which includes a free unique miniature only found in this code and your can buy it on its own too.

An Ordos of thirty two Space Goblins (Maligs) composed of four Tesserans of eight Maligs plus one 'Senga' a female Malig.  A full force for your wargaming table.  This platoon pack is composed of the following packs:

IA047 Malig 1st Tesseran (Juno Rifle)

IA048 Malig 1st Tesseran (Support Weapons)

IA049 Malig 1st Tesseran (Hydra Shogun)

IA050 Malig 1st Tesseran (Command)

Senga the Female Malig with Flying Pan and Maia Mpi. (Unique)

The Legions of the Shia Khan Empire are the main fighting force of the Empire and the expendable cannon fodder of the Legions are the Space Goblins or Maligs as they are known.  Drawn from endless slave worlds in great hordes the Maligs are treated roughly and given weapons beyond their understanding.  Commanded by all and in command of nothing.  Shoved into Tesserans (8 Troops) and Ordos (32 Troops) the Maligs don't last long in combat but they perform a valuable role; they kill Humans.  Crass, brutal and often savage the word Malig is hated by all. 

This code comprises thirty three different poses of 15mm scale metal miniatures.  You can see the constituent parts of this platoon pack in the other images. 

Supplied Unpainted and without Bases.