IAFP06 Xin Trade Fleet Platoon - Includes free extra unique miniature!

Alternative Armies

SKU: iafp06

The Sanbao or Trade Fleet Soldiers of the Xin Hegemony operate in platoons made up of fire-teams.

This platoon pack contains 21 metal 15mm scale miniatures an entire Sanbao or Trade Fleet soldiers of the Xin great fleet. Twenty different infantry poses including five command and specialist, five assault troopers, five support troopers and five rifle troopers. All are wearing Kuijia powered armour and armed with Gonglu Blaster Rifles, Gonglu wrist mounted SMG's, Gonglu Heavy Blasters and powered swords. These miniatures are from pack codes IAF113,IAF114,IAF115 and IAF116 see these for additional details.

This platoon also includes one additional free miniature which is unique to this code and that is a Sanbao Senior Officer bare headed with energy sword and flowing cloak which you can purchase on its own if you wish to.

Sanbao are excellent for use in The Ion Age or any other science fiction setting using future Chinese space opera soldiers.

Supplied Unpainted and without Bases.