IAFP08 Nox Ordos (Platoon Pack) - Includes free extra unique miniature!

Alternative Armies

SKU: iafp08

A Full Ordos (Platoon) of miniatures which includes a free unique miniature only found in this code which you can buy on its own too.

This platoon pack contains a full Ordos of miniatures as well as an additional free unique miniature found only in this code. An Ordos of 15 Nox composed of three Tesserans of Segmentum powered armour clad Legionaries plus one bare headed Nox officer with blade and Maia Mpi. A full force for your wargaming table. This platoon pack is composed of the following packs:

IAF051 Nox Demos (Janus Blastguns)

IAF052 Nox Demos (Jupiter Plasma Rifles)

IAF062 Nox Command Demos

Nox Officer (Unique)

Given the toughest tasks and carrying weapons that are usually the duty of two Legionaries between them Nox are more than a match for Retained Knights and often pose a challenge to the mighty Desteria Knights too. Organised into standard Tesserans (8 Troops) and Ordos (32 Troops) they are a flexible and effective fighting force. 

This code comprises sixteen different poses of large 15mm scale metal miniatures (each stands about 20mm tall). You can see the constituent parts of this platoon pack in the other images. 

Supplied Unpainted and without Bases.