IB60 Planetary Militia Support Squad (Four Pack with Saving)

Alternative Armies

SKU: ib60

Four metal 28mm scale miniatures. Planetary Militias are raised on a world or colony or settlement and almost never serve beyond the boundaries of that place. They are the last line of defence and though they handle everything from crowd control to insurrection they can be called upon to serve in full scale war too. 

Poses in this pack code:

IA213 PM Trooper, separate arms, Ron 32mm Hi-Ex Launcher.

IA214 PM Trooper, separate arms, Moth Type 12 Multi-Launcher.

IA215 PM Trooper, separate arms, Bodkin Type 6 AP Rifle.

IA216 PM Trooper, separate arms, Bodkin Type 6 AP Rifle.

Note:  Each of these miniatures has separate arms and generally speaking the arms may be mounted on any of the miniatures for added variety in poses.

You have the option of purchasing a pack with a saving. You can find the single IA codes within this pack in the range on their own for purchase.

Supplied Unpainted and without Bases.