LBR04 Imperial Commander Rulebook

Alternative Armies

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15mm Scale Mass Battle in the Laserburn universe.

Imperial Commander Rulebook by Richard Halliwell. Battle rules for Laserburn. Includes full rules for actual war and larger battles in the Laserburn universe.  Features army lists which tie into the miniature range for Imperial Troops, Redemptionists and Law Officers among others. Also includes a separate quick reference sheet and blast templates.

(A4 format, 32 pages, 2 separate sheets)

This rulebook deals with battles of around fifty miniatures per side.

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This is a stand alone set of rules at squad level if you fancy taking your Laserburn miniatures and putting them to battle in a larger way.  It shall also work just fine with other 15mm miniatures and indeed with small tweak it functions in 28mm scale too.