NB2R Dragon by Nick Bibby (Resin) Set (190mm long)

Alternative Armies

SKU: nb2r

Remastered into high quality resin

A more affordable version of the 1982 classic Dragon by Nick Bibby made in resin in unlimited quantity.

When assembled the Dragon is 190mm long, 150mm in height, with a wing span from 120mm to 140mm upward depending on build pose chosen.

The Dragon is supplied in nine resin parts at 28mm scale (though it will work in other scales such as 15mm too).  These are the body, the left wing, the right wing, the tail, the head and neck, left leg, right leg, claw and wrist, left foot, right foot.  Sculpted by Nick Bibby.

This remastered kit requires careful and skilled assembly from its parts.  The parts picture shows you the size of the pieces.  It is a big creature!  The painted images are our own NB2 Dragon (metal) which is for all intents and purposes exactly the same as the resin version.