OH1 Nilbogs Backwoods Goblin Band (Save 20% on the pack)

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“Swarm is not a word I use easily lad. A swarm of animals of insects and things that crawl or fly and take to nests yes, those be swarms. But swarm is the word used when talking of Nilbog. That Goblin vermin is weak but he is strong in numbers and that makes him dangerous. The Backwoods Band swore their loyalty to the warlord Karnok back when we were amid the ruins of Talno. Goblins were to face us, we knew that. But had we known of the swarm then perhaps we would not have fought among the ruins. When the Backwoods Band arrived they surely outnumbered us a dozen to one perhaps more. With sword and spear we made short work of each Goblin leaving them pulped at our boots but one by one my men were brought down by many hands and daggers. So a swarm. I would rather have faced a Wyvern...at least we would only have had to look in one direction for death!”

This code contains ten different 28mm metal miniatures approx 19mm average height to the eye. Poses in this code are as follows:

OH1-01: Goblin with Dagger and Shield.
OH1-02: Goblin with Dagger and Shield.
OH1-03: Goblin with Bow.
OH1-04: Goblin with Dagger and Shield.
OH1-05: Goblin with Poleaxe and Shield.
OH1-06: Goblin with Poleaxe.
OH1-07: Goblin with Mace and Shield.
OH1-08: Goblin with Poleaxe and Shield.
OH1-09: Goblin with Bill Hook and Shield.
OH1-10: Goblin with Mace.

These miniatures are not supplied with bases and are supplied unpainted. Choose from a pack and single miniatures.  Total choice!